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Recipe: Yummy All American Cheeseburger

All American Cheeseburger. Part of the series: Cultured Carnivore. National sandwich, fast food icon, and mainstay of grill-outs everywhere. Here's a fun and tasty soup recipe the whole family can enjoy.

All American Cheeseburger Share: Rate this Recipe The Cheeseburger Diet's Gourmet All American Cheese Burgers! "Bacon cheeseburgers with the added flavors of cherries and apple, now what could be more American than that!" A cheeseburger is a hamburger topped with cheese. Traditionally, the slice of cheese is placed on top of the meat patty. The cheese is usually added to the cooking hamburger patty shortly before serving, which allows the cheese to melt. You can cook All American Cheeseburger using 4 ingredients and 2 steps. Here is how you cook it.

Ingredients of All American Cheeseburger

  1. It’s of ground beef.
  2. It’s of Cheese, I always use american.
  3. It’s of Salt and pepper.
  4. You need of Hamburger buns.

Get tips to fire up the tastiest grilled cheeseburgers. Big, juicy cheeseburgers just might be the all-American summertime comfort food. Buffalo Wild Wings® is the ultimate place to get together with your friends, watch sports, drink beer. Home » All American Bacon Cheeseburger & Garlic Fries.

All American Cheeseburger step by step

  1. Patty out your burger as thin as you can get it. Add salt and pepper and place on a hot skillet or grill. Press down on raw patty for a bit to get a nice sear and crisp on the edges. Don’t flip or move for a few minutes. Flip over and do the same. Add cheese when it’s to desired doneness..
  2. Spray the inside of your buns with non stick spray and toast only the inside of bun for a minute or two in the skillet or on the grill..

I love complex and super flavorful burgers, but sometimes I just want something easy and quick — but still very yummy. The cheeseburger might just be the most American food there is. Here are the best cheeseburgers in the US. American cheese burgers are an all time favorite amongst burger eaters and today we are going to learn how to make the Classic American Cheeseburger. How amazing is this weather, by the way?