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Easiest Way to Make Perfect Rye Party Puff

Rye Party Puff. PERFECT bites for Super Bowl Sunday and St. I came up with this recipe years ago, and it won in Taste of Home magazine and Better. How to Make My Award Winning Rye Party Puffs. *Tip: If pastry puffs start to fall when you take them out of the oven, pop them right back in, they weren't done enough.

Rye Party Puff Immediately cut a slit in each puff to allow steam to escape; cool. Rye Bread Party Pizzas. this link is to an external site that may or may not meet accessibility guidelines. puff girl Your party is sure to be one they'll never forget with The Powerpuff Girls decorations featuring a vibrant blue, green, and pink color palette. You can have Rye Party Puff using 20 ingredients and 4 steps. Here is how you cook that.

Ingredients of Rye Party Puff

  1. It’s of Puffs.
  2. Prepare 1 cup of water.
  3. It’s 1/2 cup of butter.
  4. You need 1/2 cup of all-purpose flour.
  5. Prepare 1/2 cup of rye flour.
  6. Prepare 2 tsp of dried parsley flakes.
  7. It’s 1/2 tsp of garlic powder.
  8. Prepare 1/4 tsp of salt.
  9. It’s 4 of eggs.
  10. You need of sprinkle of caraway seeds.
  11. Prepare of Corn Beef Filling.
  12. Prepare 2 (8 oz) of packages cream cheese, softened.
  13. It’s 2 (2.5 oz) of packages thinly sliced cooked corned beef, chopped.
  14. Prepare 1/2 cup of mayonnaise.
  15. Prepare 1/4 cup of sour cream.
  16. It’s 2 Tbs of minced chives.
  17. You need 2 Tbs of diced onion.
  18. You need 1 tsp of spicy brown mustard.
  19. Prepare 1/8 tsp of garlic powder.
  20. It’s 10 of small stuffed olives, chopped.

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Rye Party Puff step by step

  1. In a saucepan over medium heat, bring water and butter to a boil. Add flours, parsley, garlic powder, caraway seeds, and salt all at once; stir until a smooth ball forms..
  2. Remove from the heat; let stand for 5 minutes. Beat in eggs, one at time, beat until smooth. Drop batter by rounded teaspoonfuls 2 inches apart onto greased baking sheet..
  3. Bake at 400 degrees for 18-20 minutes or until golden brown. Remove to wire racks. Immediately cut a slit in each puff to allow steam to escape and let cool..
  4. In a mixing bowl, combine all corned beef filling ingredients EXCEPT the olives. Mix well. Then gently stir in olives. Split puffs; add the filling. Refrigerate..

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