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Recipe: Delicious Pulled beef tacos

Pulled beef tacos. From Shredded Chicken Tacos to Pulled Chicken Nachos, Shredded Beef Ragu Pasta and Chicken Pot Pie, Chicken and Rice Soup to Crispy Chinese Shredded Chicken, if the eating experience is. Kate and DJ hit the kitchen and turn a beautiful hunk of beef into some gnarly tacos – perfect student food. So today we're gonna be doing some slow cooker shredded beef tacos with some chuck roast seared lovingly before it's slow cooked for hours in a spiced tomato sauce.

Pulled beef tacos What are slow cooker pulled beef tacos without that this ingredient I thought? You can vary the toppings to whatever you prefer on your tacos. I like to just put my pulled beef into a heated bowl and put it onto the table with the tortillas and all the toppings and let people make their. You can have Pulled beef tacos using 14 ingredients and 2 steps. Here is how you achieve that.

Ingredients of Pulled beef tacos

  1. You need of Left over beef chuck.
  2. Prepare of Taco seasoning.
  3. Prepare of Tomato sauce.
  4. It’s of Water.
  5. You need of Toppings for tacos.
  6. You need of Cheese.
  7. You need of Lettuce.
  8. You need of Tomatoe.
  9. Prepare of Avocado.
  10. It’s of Onion.
  11. It’s of Jalepeno peppers.
  12. Prepare of Taco sauce.
  13. You need of Sour cream.
  14. It’s of Any other toppings.

Pulled Beef Tacos are a yummy, low-sugar supper option that's easy to customize to each diner's individual tastes. These tacos were even better than I expected. Make sure you keep lots of napkins on hand, because they are as messy as they are delicious. Treat family and friends to these tasty pulled-beef tacos marinated in a punchy sauce with chipotle, lime juice and garlic.

Pulled beef tacos instructions

  1. Shred the beef and on medium heat add a few teaspoon of tomato sauce and add a tablespoon taco seasoning..
  2. Mix really well add water to water the sauce down. I eye balled the seasonings and sauce. Once warmed through put on top of warm tortillas and add your toppings. Enjoy..

It's me Kevin, aka Fit Men Cook, and today in the kitchen we are going to be busting out the slow cooker to make these amazing pulled beef tacos. Tacos make a healthy family dinner too, when filled with good quality fresh ingredients like these ones. The rich and tender pulled beef make these tacos that little bit more special, with a delicious hearty. Treat family and friends to these tasty pulled-beef tacos marinated in a punchy sauce with chipotle, lime juice and garlic. Slow Cooker Pulled BBQ Beef Sandwiches: delicious and tender beef slow cooked in a homemade · Kicked up chipotle crockpot beef tacos piled high with a fresh greek salsa and the most amazing.