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Recipe: Delicious Barbacoa for tacos

Barbacoa for tacos. This is an awesome recipe for beef barbacoa. These tacos were the best I've ever had. This homemade beef barbacoa recipe is easy to make in the slow cooker, and it's SO flavorful and delicious!

Barbacoa for tacos These Barbacoa Tacos are cooked in the slow cooker all day so you can come home to savory and spicy tacos. Mexican Barbacoa is traditionally an underground oven in which meat is cooked slowly. Barbacoa is spicy shredded Mexican beef that goes great in tacos. You can have Barbacoa for tacos using 5 ingredients and 6 steps. Here is how you cook that.

Ingredients of Barbacoa for tacos

  1. You need of Rumba beef cheek.
  2. You need of bay leaves.
  3. You need of large yellow onion.
  4. You need of garlic.
  5. You need of salt.

This recipe uses the slow cooker to make things super simple and quick. Not just any taco, but a real taco. Corn tortilla, delectable beef, rich avocado, bright cilantro and a lovely kick of lime acidity. If you're anything like me, your mouth is watering right.

Barbacoa for tacos step by step

  1. Unpackage, rinse the beef cheek, and place in your crock pot..
  2. Sprinkle Salt evenly over the meat (yes ALL of it)..
  3. Slice the 1/2 onion into three equal pieces. Peel garlic cloves and slice each in half. Add onion, garlic, and bay leaves to the crock pot. (I like to find little crevices in the meat to wedge them into).
  4. Cover and Cook on LOW for 12 hours or Cook on HIGH for 6-7 hours..
  5. The barbacoa is ready when it's tender to separate with a fork..
  6. TIPS: *Do not add water! The beefcheek will provide enough liquid on its own. *If cooking on High; check halfway throughout cooking to ensure none of the ingredients are sticking to the side of the pot..

Barbacoa (Spanish: [baɾβaˈkoa] (listen)) is a form of cooking meat that originated in the Arawak-speaking Caribbean with the Taíno people, from which the term "barbecue" derives. In contemporary Mexico, it generally refers to meats or whole sheep or whole goats slow-cooked over an open fire or. I decided it was about time to get them out before this humble low-cost delicacy that is usually eaten in a taco in so many places of my country becomes a forbidden fruit. This Barbacoa Beef comes together quickly and easily in the slow cooker. The tangy, tender beef filling is perfect for tacos, lettuce wraps, bowls, and burritos.