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Recipe: Yummy Shepherd's Pie-style Mashed Potato Gratin

Shepherd's Pie-style Mashed Potato Gratin. I hope everyone is safe in their homes and healthy. If you tried this recipe please comment or tag me on my instagram. A combination of au gratin and shepherd's pie takes meat and potatoes to a whole new level.

Shepherd's Pie-style Mashed Potato Gratin The dish is called "shepherd's pie" when made with ground lamb. Use ground beef and it becomes "cottage pie." Shepherd's Pie comes to us from England, and is traditionally made with lamb or mutton. Regardless of what you call it, a shepherd's pie is basically a casserole with a layer of cooked meat and vegetables, topped with mashed potatoes, and baked in the oven until the mashed potatoes. You can cook Shepherd's Pie-style Mashed Potato Gratin using 10 ingredients and 15 steps. Here is how you achieve that.

Ingredients of Shepherd's Pie-style Mashed Potato Gratin

  1. You need of Mashed potato.
  2. You need of Potatoes.
  3. It’s of Butter.
  4. It’s of Milk.
  5. You need of or more Salt.
  6. You need of White pepper.
  7. Prepare of Meat sauce (if you don't have the ☆ ingredients use a tinned meat sauce).
  8. It’s of ☆Shio-koji minced meat.
  9. It’s of ☆Tomato sauce.
  10. Prepare of Parmesan cheese.

How to cook lamb? 🥘 Amazing recipe of pie with minced lamb and potatoes by Gordon Ramsay. It is nutritious, and absolutely delicious. Add some grated parmesan cheese in the potatoes. Put the minced lamb into heat-resistant bowl.

Shepherd's Pie-style Mashed Potato Gratin instructions

  1. Mashed Potato: Wash and clean the potatoes and wrap in cling film separately. Microwave at 600 W for about 8 minutes. Turn over halfway through..
  2. Wear an oven glove and squeeze the potato with your hand. The skin will break. Remove the skin with chopsticks as it is very hot..
  3. Put the potatoes into a bowl. Mash with a masher..
  4. Mix in the butter while it is still hot..
  5. Add the milk in 2 to 3 batches..
  6. Stir until smooth and add salt and pepper..
  7. Preheat an oven to 230℃..
  8. Meat Sauce: Tip the frozen shio-koji soboro into a bowl..
  9. Stir in the tomato sauce..
  10. Grease the gratin dish with oil or butter (not listed in the ingredients) using kitchen paper..
  11. Place the meat sauce in the dish and flatten evenly..
  12. Place the mashed potato on top and spread evenly..
  13. Score the surface using a fork. (You can omit this process.).
  14. Sprinkle Parmesan cheese over it. Bake in an oven preheated to 230℃ for about 20 minutes until golden-brown on top..
  15. Sprinkle with chopped parsley to your taste. Adjust the baking time and temperature according to your oven at home..

This shepherd's pie recipe is a fabulous comfort food, as well as one of my favorite ways to use up leftover mashed potatoes! These creamy make-ahead mashed potatoes are practically a requirement for holiday dinners. Even my nephew, who hates mashed potatoes..with the kind of refrigeration we had in our homes, cooked meat could be kept much more safely than raw. Therefore, when housewives bought their Sunday meat they selected pieces large enough to. Drain and return potatoes to pan.